Miss Cleo

Remember Miss Cleo? The psychic network spokesperson with the (fake) Jamaican accent? I loved those commercials. They cracked me up. Never for a moment did I think they were real.

Imagine my surprise when Miss Cleo was sued, along with The Psychic Readers Network because of “deception.” Huh? People actually thought Miss Cleo was real and that if you called their hotline you could actually get a real reading from her? You gotta be kidding me.

Hello, commercial! Hello, actor! Do people think actors who do hemorrhoid commercials are real people who really have hemorrhoids? Do they think the “nausea, heartburn…” lady really has all that?

The reason Miss C. herself was named in a lawsuit is that, in Florida, the spokesperson can be sued as well as the the company she represents. The suit against her was later dropped.

I like to think that people can tell the difference between pretend and real life. Maybe not.