Gore Gawkers

There are many things people do that I just don’t get. Slowing down to get an eyeful of accidents on the freeway is one of them. Why on earth would you want to see that? Why? Why?? WHY???

Crumpled cars, blood, injuries, possibly dead bodies…don’t you get enough of that on the news?

Driving northbound on the freeway, traffic is backed up and barely moving. The reason for this? A gnarly accident on the southbound side. Move along, people, this does not concern you.

What is the fascination with in your face carnage? Is there not enough sadness and tragedy we can’t escape without craning your neck to add to your own personal tableau of horror? What is the appeal to these lurid lookie-loos? These are rhetorical questions. I don’t really want to know. I don’t understand it, but I don’t want to.

I have a serious aversion to blood and guts. I also have a terrible time dealing with the suffering of any living creature. I sure as fuck don’t slow down to gawk at it. When I worked at Licorice Pizza, we had a movie rental section. One day, Faces of Death arrived in our new product shipment. I slapped a “defective” sticker on it and shipped it right the fuck back out. Disgusting.

Not only is this all too disturbing with people going out of their way to see this gore, but, how about some dignity for those who suffer? How would you feel if people were stopping to gape at your mother, your sister or your son in his or her moment of pain and shock? How do you think these people and their loved ones feel when you whip out your cell phone and take pictures of them in intimate moments of suffering and plaster them all over the internet?

There is no doubt that these moments are intimate. It could be argued that moments of physical and/or emotional trauma are more intimate than sex. It is possible to keep up a front with all your defense mechanisms in place while having sex. Not so much during trauma.

Intruding on these moments is dehumanizing in the extreme and a major invasion of privacy.  Move along, please.