Is it Me?

Apparently, I see things differently from other people. At least, I’m constantly interpreting events and other peoples’ words in a way that doesn’t match the general consensus.  Do that often enough and you can start to wonder about yourself. Is it me?  Is it everyone else?  WTF?

I learned to keep my perceptions to myself unless there was a compelling reason to speak up.  My interpretations have been validated though, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not crazy.  Three psychologists have told me that I’m perceptive and insightful and that I’d make a good therapist.  Nice!

My two favorite vindication stories have to do with my understanding of works of art.  The first has to do with the Police song, “Every Breath You Take.”  I remember when that song came out and everyone thought it was this really romantic love song.  What?!?  People even played it at their weddings for the theme song, first dance tune, whatever that is.  I was flabbergasted.  I always thought it was a scary, stalker, crazy person song, but no one agreed with me, so I stopped talking about it. Years and years later, I heard Sting say the same things – that it was an obsessive jealousy song and that he didn’t understand why people thought it was a sweet love song.  See?  I told you all!

The other story is about Van Gogh paintings.  I could never understand why anyone would have a Van Gogh hanging in the living room.  I look at his work, and I see pain, pain, pain.  Why on earth would you want naked pain hanging in your house?  How can you stand to look at something so agonizing all the time?  Again, people thought I was crazy.  Then I discovered that Van Gogh himself had written, in a letter to his sister, “…the fact that my pictures are after all almost a cry of anguish…”

So, yeah, I have different interpretations and different ideas about things.  It will be interesting to see, assuming I get responses to this blog, what other people think.