Could This Be Why You’re So Weird?

Are you an outlander, an outsider? Do you have trouble finding people who get you? Do you feel isolated? Do you search for meaning, connection and people who see you? Has the pain of this kind of loneliness led you to chemical dependencies? You may be a Neptunian. No, I don’t mean you’re literally from Neptune, but that the dreamy planet is strong in your astrological chart.

Donna Cunningham is a renowned astrologer and some of her books have been mainstays in my astrological education, particularly Moon Signs – The Key to Your Inner Life and Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World. I don’t know why it took me so long to find her blog, Sky Writer, but I did just recently.

On it, she has quizzes you can take to see which of the planets are strongest in your chart. The quizzes are meant to be fun and, while useful and accurate, are not the final word. The final word can be discovered using a long, complicated process that involves lots of (gak!) math.

She has quizzes for most of the planets and I took them all. I have a strong Sun, but very strong Moon, Mercury and Neptune. This fits in perfectly with the intent and purpose of this very blog!

After taking the Neptune quiz, I read all the posts and comments by others who also had high scores. Turns out, I am not alone in the universe! As I was reading, I kept nodding and thinking, “Uh-huh, uh-huh, me too.” I have searched long and hard for my tribe and it was so encouraging and such a relief to find people who actually understood my more offbeat experiences, beliefs and traits. I invited them all over for coffee.

I have always been drawn to what I call fringe dwellers: spiritual seekers, poets, artists, musicians, idealists and, for better or worse, addicts. These are all under the purview of Neptune. Come to think of it, I’ve also been all of those things, except a musician. I’m working on learning to play the drums now.

Many of my experiences have been Neptune flavored. Addictions, creativity, exploration of the dark side of life and spirituality, chemical sensitivities, lucid dreams, etc. I’ve actively sought mystical experiences, spiritual beliefs that make sense to me and what are considered dark art in visual art, movies, books and music. I don’t know how many other people do these things, but I don’t think they live around here.

To take the quizzes on Donna’s blog, you’ll need your birth chart and at least a rudimentary understanding of astrology. If you know me personally, I may be able to help you with that. You can get your chart for free at Astrodienst. Create a free account, sign in, click on “Free Horoscopes”, click on “All our free horoscopes”, then go to the bottom of the page and click on, “Chart drawing, ascendant”. Put in your birth information and, voila, your chart.

Give it a shot. I’m willing to bet it will be very eye-opening.

Next up: Astrological Vision Boards


4 thoughts on “Could This Be Why You’re So Weird?

  1. dmtorbi says:

    I found your blog by reading Donna Cunningham’s & enjoyed reading some of your earlier posts as well. Having 5 planets in retrograde at birth, I’m kind of an outsider too, but no longer from my early wounds.

    I have 5 planets in water, plus mid-heaven, 4 in air, plus N.node, 1 in fire, no earth. 3 Pisces in the 10th. Sun / Pis – Moon / Scorp. One book calls it ‘the Hurricane’! Before recovery (ACoA, Al-Anon) I was like an emotional hemophiliac – touch me & I bled.

    35 yrs later I’m still on the journey, but much calmer, with good boundaries & self-esteem. My chart says I can only be a therapist or artist, & I’m both. I’ve been work with acoas for 25 yrs & it’s the joy & passion of my life!

    Glad to connect.

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting. “The Hurricane” indeed! I like “emotional hemophiliac” and I’m going to use it for sure. The journey never ends; it just gets much, much easier. Funny, my chart says therapist, artist or writer. I’m all three, in a non-formal way. In fact, I’m applying to a graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology. How perfect is that? I’m an ACOA as well. Wonder if I can put that on my resume? 😉

  2. Hello, Outlander, I happened on this post by accident when looking for good astrology quizzes other than my own. I am happy that you found the Neptune quiz and others on Skywriter as a validation of your nature. You’ve got a good blog going here. Donna Cunningham

    • Hey, Donna! Thanks for commenting and your kind words about my blog. As I said in this post, your work has been both important and enlightening to me in my astrological education.

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